Hi I’m Carly Tink CEO of McGraw foundation this week we’ve been lucky enough to be in Perth to be a partner in Perth fashion festival 2013 not only is it given us a chance to get out there and meet people on the streets of Perth but it’s also a chance to catch up with an amazing army of volunteers for us who’ve been happy to help us sell our merchandise. The whole idea of setting up a foundation is difficult at times and it can’t be successful unless people are willing to give their time. Now obviously to make donations but give their time and that’s where it just blows me away the volunteers giving up a lot of their time to come and support something that’s very close to my heart Thank you for giving us your time today.

We’re about breast care nurses for all and we’re about breast awareness for all care nurse that they were really helpful and it really helped my family out by helping to navigate through the medical system so I’m just here to give back this charity as it gave so much to my family and to support them through this time. I am with people and they are just making it fun, having a few laughs with people well we’ve had volunteers or walking the streets all day selling our merchandise and looking for donations but tonight we’re doing a big charity auction so hopefully we’ll raise lots of money and be able to continue what we’re trying to do  we’re an Australia wide charity and that’s why every state in Australia is important but especially WA We just want  to get out there and let people know we’re here to do.

It would have not been possible without all the help of our amazing volunteers we’re so proud of the fact that the people who gave their time raised in excess of twenty five thousand dollars just by being there for us as we say at the mcgrath foundation together